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QUICKHIT NFL Football is a free-to-play online football game where you are the coach, general manager and owner of a football team. During games you will be able to select which plays are called and then get to watch your players execute it based on their player levels. When the game’s over the work continues as you must train your players to fit your coaching style, expand your playbook by adding new plays, improve your team by signing new Rookies or Legends, and upgrade your stadium to support a larger fan base. All this with the intent of building a prodigious football Dynasty!

This Game Guide will offer up all the ins and outs of the game and serve as an armchair quarterback’s guide to QUICKHIT NFL Football. It will cover everything from the basics of the game, to raw fundamentals of the sport of football, and to deep strategies, hints and tips.

* Please NOTE that this guide will be a continuing work in progress and sections will be posted as they’re finished.